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  • The Black Business Certification Bureau is the FIRST African American/Black certification and the ONLY certification focused on building better communities with business by communicating with consumers with the BBCB Seal ” “. Requirements for other certifications are generally based on demographics such as race, religion, gender, economic status or simple identification (i.e. organic, vegan). BBCB puts the community first, the primary requirement for certification is the establishment/maintenance of a community “give back” program (examples include but are not limited to internships, sponsorships, donations, scholarships). Demographic requirements are only reviewed after businesses/organizations have met the primary requirement.

  • Using the “American Pie”, analogy the United States is an assortment of many different people, races and cultures. All of which have earned and deserve their slice of the pie. This is also true economically.

    BBCB’s mission is in part, to ensure that the entire collective is represented in business and acknowledges the efforts of ALL PEOPLE to be “Part of the Solution”  but reserves certification for African American/Black owned businesses.

    See eligibility details here.

  • BBCB is dedicated to the community and we choose to express our commitment in a manner that upholds the highest form of integrity. 501(c)(3)  or “Non-Profits” fall under the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Code which restricts “Non-Profits” from participation in legislative, political and judicial matters that could potentially affect communities all over the United States. BBCB will work with other businesses, groups or organizations but wishes to operate without restrictions.

  • BBCB does not charge for certifications. It’s FREE! Our mission is to build better communities rather than our dividends. This is why BBCB does not charge for certifications. YOU can count on us to identify businesses who GIVE BACK to the COMMUNITY in one of many ways! If you would like to support us feel free to donate or purchase movement memorabilia.

  • The certification process is very simple.

    1. Get Registered
    2. Complete task in BBCB Business Portal
    3. Receive approval/disapproval within 30 days
  • See the “Get Approved” page for a list of tasks and documents to be completed. Additional documents that are not listed on the page may be requested as evidence of proof of ownership, control or operations.

  • Additional items not listed on the “Get Approved” page may be requested by BBCB. Financial documents, such as the Profit & Loss Statement, provides evidence that business is operating as described by applicants. Other documents such as balance sheets and tax returns are used to collectively verify the ownership, management, and control of business.

  • Certification applicants will be assigned a BBCB representative after registering for an account on blackbusinesscertification.com. BBCB representatives will guide applicants through the process and will inform them on updates, requirement changes, certification status and recertification. BBCB Business Portals will be used as the primary means of communication.

  • All submitted documents and communication are protected by our privacy policy. We take every precaution to maintain confidentiality of business information. This is why we use BBCB Business Portals to maintain a secure line of communication rather than emails that may be hacked. 

    Also, we do not rent, sell or share any business information.

  • BBCB depends on certification applicants to submit required documents. Once all documents are received, applicants will receive status updates via their BBCB Portal within 30 days.

  • Yes. BBCB Certification are reevaluated every two years but BBCB Certified businesses must meet BBCB requirements at ALL times. Additional documentation may be requested through the business portal for during recertification.

  • No. Certifications are not transferrable. If a business is sold the new owner(s) must reapply for certification.

  • BBCB takes pride in being available to help in any way we can. The most effective way to contact BBCB is via email at customercare@blackbusinesscertification.com, using the contact form below or sending a message in the business portal after registering.