My business partners and I were having a meeting and brainstorming ideas on how we can improve BBCB. They were discussing the game plan while I was off to the side trying to come up with as many solutions as I could before we all came back to the meeting. I was becoming very agitated because I could not put the ideas that were in my head on paper. When I put them on paper they didn’t make any sense. I had gone through so many sheets of paper and my brain was on overload so I tore up all of the papers and yelled ” I GIVE UP”. One of my partners came over and told me not to ever do that again. He also told me that every idea is worth keeping because it can be tweaked and to never just throw the entire idea out. A few days later I stumbled upon a quote that took me back to what my partner said to me. The quote was “When A Flower Doesn’t Bloom You Fix the Environment In Which It Grows, Not The Flower”. It also reminded me of why BBCB was created. If our future leaders and the elders are not growing we have to fix the environment in which they grow. How do we do that as business owners? It’s very simple, we have to give back to the community. We NEED to #bepartofthesolution by building playgrounds for the future leaders in the community can have somewhere to play. Take a day and feed the community or Build a Rec center for the neighborhood. Give scholarships for the Seniors that are preparing to attend college. Open a daycare in the community so that parents can have a place for their babies to go while they are working. That’s how we can help our future leaders and elders to grow.

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