Visionary and owner of BlackSoleHeeling, LLC Don’Nika D. Jenkins decided to #bepartofthesolution and JOIN the movement by becoming BBCB CERTIFIED. Don’Nika wanted to let the world know that BlackSoleHeeling is a business that does more than just business, but gives back to the community in a real way by displaying the BBCB seal so that conscious consumers can easily identify BlackSoleHeeling as a black owned business.

Don’Nika was inspired to create a social platform for people of color to address their experiences with grief/loss and racism after having several traumatic experiences in graduate school. Don’Nika recognized after having these experiences that it was difficult to form support systems in order to buffer her experiences. She sought out passive help from social media platforms, and was still inundated by popular culture and ideas of a post-racial society, which contributed to the further internalization of ideals that contribute to the degradation of our community.

Everyday on social media or in reality, a person of color has had a negative experience regarding their biological make up. These experiences include, but are not limited to bias towards skin color, projected masculine, or aggressive narratives based on racial phenotypes, or collectively grieving over black bodies slain due to violence and crime. These narratives exist and influences the trajectory of culture.

To combat these false narratives Don’Nika created BlackSoleHeeling, LLC, centered on the facilitation of “heeling (healing) the sole (soul) one step at a time. BlackSoleHeeling provides daily steps to buffer the traumas experienced and unaddressed as a person of color. Through revolution, guidance, and reflection BlackSoleHeeling offers a regeneration of energy to future generations of communities of color.

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