Six Ways Your Business Can Be Part of the Solution

Be Part of the Solution


An internship is a way to introduce new or unfamiliar career fields to  individuals and allow them the opportunity to get real world experience and knowledge.

Apprenticeship allows individuals to not only learn about a given career but earn money while doing so. In many career fields, apprenticeships will enable the apprentice to obtain a license through course material and on the job task.

Both internships and apprenticeships are awesome ways for your business to groom the next generation and pass on skillsets in a meaningful way. This is also a great way to build your business network while bridging the gap between present and future.


Donations are the easiest way to give back as it requires no paperwork, no program, and sometimes no time or money. All you really need, is just a little love and appreciation for the community you serve. This can be done by donating products, services, supplies or providing monetary donations. Some donations can even be tax deductible.

BBCB donates 100% of it’s profits to the community through business grants, scholarships and give-aways and BBCB operations. It’s our promise.

You can help us do more by donating to the Black Business Certification Bureau.


Cooperatives are businesses/organizations that are owned and run jointly by its members who share profits and benefits. 

Community business endeavors are magnificent methods of flexing socioeconomic power in a community.

There are several types of co-ops, ranging from agriculture, real estate to professional NFL teams. It is owned and operated for the benefit of those using it services. A business can go from a small business to a million dollar cooperation in days by joining forces with the community and like minded  business professionals. They can leverage size to obtain discounts on supplies, materials and services as suppliers are more likely to give better deals to larger consumers.


Scholarships are financial awards for the purpose of education won by excelling in criteria set forth by a benefactor. This is a prime opportunity for your business to fund the education of the businessmen and women of tomorrow who will carry the torch far beyond what we’ll be able to accomplish in our tenure.

You can create your own scholarship or donate to the BBCB Scholarship Fund.

Be Part of the Solution


Promoting other businesses? Yes, It may seem counter productive but it will help increase customer traffic in your area and display a sincere interest for customer’s needs. This will create a blissful customer experience that can be especially beneficial to you if another business sells goods that are complimentary to your business.

Be Part of the Solution


As a business, your money and support can go a long way in the community by sponsoring athletic teams. Money given by sponsors help to lower participant fees, upgrades facilities, and equipment. Youth sports are pivotal to building and empowering communities while helping to lower crime, decrease school suspension and promote moral values.